The Day Huffpost Interviewed Me

On Thursday I launched the Kickstarter campaign for Rainbow Hats, LLC. I spent 13 hours sending promotional emails, blitzing social media, and biting my nails. I got early support from my friends and friends of friends and felt good about how the nestegg those pledges built. It was an emotionally charged day and by the time I went out for my evening walk at 7PM I was exhausted and wondering how I would pull it off.

Friday morning I woke up and got back on the computer. Nothing had changed on the Kickstarter page overnight. So I began emailing my Press Release to more journalists and online newspapers that had either written about Rainbow Babies or might be interested in my business

I took a break to eat breakfast with my family, take a shower, and get dressed for the day. When I sat down to my email my heart jumped to my throat because there was an email from Taylor Pittman at the!



Ms. Pittman and I went back and forth the schedule an interview for 10AM. My heart was racing. I spent the morning breathing deeply and trying to chill out. I didn't know what to expect but I knew that an article in the Huffington Post would only help my cause.

I felt like a bumbling fool during the interview. Immediately after I hung up the phone and emailed Ms. Pittman the photos she requested. Then I texted my husband and my sister to report back. They were so encouraging that it would be great that I felt a little more at ease. I got back to my stay-at-home-mom duties because, quite frankly, I was buzzing about Huffpost and couldn't do anything else but anxiously wait for the article to be published.

When we got home from the neighborhood pool I had the link to her article. I read over it and felt happy, or elated, and hopeful. Despite my lack of confidence about my performance, she was able to piece together a lovely representation of who I am and what I offer.

And now I can say, "As featured on Huffpost." How exciting!


Now...back to work.