Yesterday I went to the local library with my son. While I flipped through books he built with blocks and I overheard the children's librarian talking about her favorite library blog. It piqued my interest - not only for myself but for the blog I write about early childhood learning.

Surfing the Internet

Today I went to to see what it was like. On the homepage was a list of different holidays and notable dates (like Star Wars day (!)), organized by month. What I learned about June felt like serendipity.


June is Gay Pride Month.

June also happens to be the month I will be running my Kickstarter campaign.

And, so...

...I hope that the work I have done to acknowledge the symbol of the rainbow as it applies to two communities of people demonstrates an attitude of openness and love.
...I hope openness and love become the common ground on which people meet. 
...I hope that Rainbow Hats promote hope and celebrate love of all kinds.

Buoys of Encouragement

All along the way of launching this business I have been struck by coincidences that keep me moving forward. I found a local manufacturer. I found a local eco-friendly shipping supplies store. My marketing materials were ready for a soft launch that coincided with National Infertility Awareness week. And now this.
That the Kickstarter campaign is ready for launch on June 1st and will run through the end of June coincides with Gay Pride Month is one more buoy of encouragement that this business could be successful.

Luck Favors the Prepared? I Hope So.

I am confident that I have put my best effort forward. In a few days I will be putting the fate of my company into the hands of others. Again I am struck with the notion that I merely wrote the beginning of the story for Rainbow Hats:

Rainbow Hats are inspired by millions of rainbow babies - thriving children born to parents who have mourned over miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death - and are a symbol of the resilience of the human heart. Designed for persons of all ages, Rainbow Hats are for anyone who celebrates love.

The rest of the story will be shaped by the people who buy Rainbow Hats and wear them.

Rainbow Hats | a symbol of the resilience of the human heart