Scrolling Facebook? Help me with a few button clicks...

What a tremendous first couple weeks! 

When I launched my social media campaign for Rainbow Hats, LLC I had no idea how many people would be so supportive. Not only have I heard "yes!" and "good luck!" but people have opened themselves up and shared their stories with me. I am honored to hear those stories. And, because of your outpouring, I believe that this business can promote awareness, empathy, and healing.

I wonder if you will do me another favor. Will you invite your friends to "Like" the Facebook page for Rainbow Hats, too?

Here's How:

1. Click here to go to the Rainbow Hats Facebook Homepage:

2. Click "Invite your friends to like this Page"

(I've circled it in red and made a big arrow pointing to it in the image below so you can find it easily.)

3. Scroll through your list of friends and click the "Invite" button for whomever you think might be interested

You'll get immediate gratification with a little check mark:

4. Give yourself a pat on the back from me and go back to scrolling. 


In all sincerity, thank you! If this launch is successful it is because I've asked and you've answered, "yes."