Letting the Chipboard Fall Where It May

Shipping. Advice to new businesses always mentions how important it is to figure out shipping. Not only to determine price and logistics but to imagine how your product will be received.
Uline.com is a common place. Everything is sold in bulk at what seem reasonable prices. But when I was poking around the website I wondered, "is this stuff recyclable?" I couldn't tell. So I searched for recyclable shipping materials.
To my surprise and delight, I found EcoEnclose! They make shipping materials from 100% recycled materials that are then recyclable. From envelopes to boxes, wrapping tissue to chipboard, EcoEnclose has it all and offers it at prices that are competitive with Uline!
And the cherry on top? The company is right around the corner from our home.
Having found EcoEnclose, I feel like I have solved a big piece of the shipping problem.