Kickstarter is Pending!

Waiting, Hoping

I pressed the "Submit" button last night and I felt a wave of relief and then settled into waiting in anticipation for approval.


By my assessment, I have met all the requirements. So I am confident that it will be approved. What I'm really hoping for is to be recognized as one of Kickstarter's "Projects We Love."

What is Kickstarter?

More than one person has asked how Kickstarter works. Here are the need-to-know bullet points:

  • Creative Projects: Kickstarter is for businesses that create something "tangible" like a new book, movie, or pair of fancy shoes. Obviously, I'm creating Rainbow Hats. 
  • Backers Earn Rewards: As a "Backer" a person pledges a certain amount of money. In return, they get a reward. My Backers will receive a Rainbow Hat (or more than one Rainbow Hat depending on how much they give).
  • All-or-nothing: If the project meets or exceeds the fundraising goal then the money is transferred from "Backers" to the Project Manager (me). Otherwise, all the money goes back to the "Backers."

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