Isn't the Rainbow Already Taken?

A Well-Known Symbol

As the manufacturer worked on prototypes, I continued to do market research. The most prevalent and pressing matter was the symbol of a rainbow and how it is a powerful and well-known symbol for the LGBTQ community. 

Two Rainbow Communities 

I had no intention of re-purposing the rainbow and I wondered if there was a way to be sensitive to two communities...

Two communities who are marginalized.

Two communities who seek acceptance.

Two communities that are filled with people who deserve empathy and kindness.

Two communities that share the common quality that defines humanity at its best - love.

Resilient Hearts

Not easy love, either. To be capable of hope and love even after having suffered great sorrow, that amazes and inspires me. That is also why I chose “a symbol of the resilience of the human heart” as the tagline for Rainbow Hats.

The Story Begins

From that seed, the beginning of the story for Rainbow Hats emerged:

Rainbow Hats are inspired by millions of rainbow babies - thriving children born to parents who have mourned over miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death - and are a symbol of the resilience of the human heart. Designed for persons of all ages, Rainbow Hats are for anyone who celebrates love.

The Rest of the Story

The rest of the story will be shaped by the people who buy Rainbow Hats and wear them. I wouldn't be surprised if it includes families with rainbow babies, LGBTQ people/families, as well as people who want to support love. 

Dear reader, I hope you find that I treat the subject of rainbow babies, LGBTQ life, and their shared symbol with the sensitivity it deserves.