Rainbow Hats Help Celebrate Rainbow Babies, Discounts Through June

SUPERIOR, Colorado, May 22, 2017 -- Family and friends who want to honor the occasion of the birth of a “Rainbow Baby,” which is a healthy baby born to parents who have struggled with infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death, will soon have something to give: a Rainbow Hat. Made by hand on antique knitting machines in Colorado, Rainbow Hats are crafted with attention to quality and tradition that is rarely seen today. And until the end of June, Rainbow Hats, LLC is offering its inaugural production of hats for less than the projected retail price.

The term “Rainbow Baby” has become increasingly popular as people become more aware and empathetic. In fact, infertility affects 15% of families in America. Would-be mothers and fathers spend years buoyed by hope and love while they endure the emotional and logistical turmoil of waiting to become parents. In the end, a portion of those people celebrate parenthood and welcome a Rainbow Baby to their family.

Julie Schneider, creator and owner of Rainbow Hats, LLC, watched year after year while one of her oldest and dearest friends endured the ups and downs of fertility treatments, pregnancies, and miscarriages. “What amazed me was her commitment to hope and the endless reserve of love she maintained despite years of suffering seemingly countless disappointments, anxiety, and heartbreak,” said Schneider. “Crocheting a Rainbow Hat seemed like the least I could do to acknowledge her harrowing journey to parenthood and celebrate her daughter’s birth.”

Schneider founded Rainbow Hats, LLC in March with the goal of supporting the healing process for families, promoting awareness, and celebrating love. At the time, she knew that giving a tiny hat to a baby is a common gift. What surprised her was how many people said they wanted a Rainbow Hat for their Rainbow Baby who was no longer a baby. So Schneider designed three sizes of Rainbow Hats: Baby (to fit ages 0-12 months), Little (for ages 1 - 6 years), and Big (for ages 7 - 107 years).

In essence, Rainbow Hats are a symbol of the resilience of the human heart. They are inspired by millions of Rainbow Babies and designed for persons of all ages. They are for anyone who celebrates love even after surviving deep sorrow.

“Empathy, acceptance, and love - those are the themes that continue to emerge while I launch this business. I can’t imagine a more heart-warming way to begin 2017,” said Schneider.

The Kickstarter campaign begins June 1, 2017.

About Rainbow Hats, LLC

Rainbow Hats, LLC was founded in March 2017. Rainbow Hats are inspired by millions of rainbow babies - thriving children born to parents who have mourned over miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death - and are a symbol of the resilience of the human heart. Designed for persons of all ages, Rainbow Hats are for anyone who celebrates love.


Julie Schneider

Creator and Owner, Rainbow Hats, LLC