Do You Have Two Friends to Help?

All or Nothing

I find myself in good company with you. Just as many of you are first-time Backers, this is my first time using Kickstarter! 

It is important to know that Kickstarter is an "All or Nothing" model. If Rainbow Hats raises $15,000 then we can move forward and deliver your rewards in October. If not, I will have to figure out a different business plan.  

There's Still Time

There is still time to meet the goal but I need your help. 

I continue to promote in-person locally, via email to fertility clinics, influencers (for example, Return to Zero Healing Center), and writers (see all the articles about Rainbow Babies on my website), and through my social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).  

Two Friends?

If each Backer can find two friends to become new Backers at or above the $45 level, then Rainbow Hats will arrive at doorsteps all over the country in October. (Just in time for crisp autumn weather.)

Do you have a couple friends who would like to see their children in Rainbow Hats?

  • a child becoming a big brother or big sister? (1 Baby Hat + 1 Little Hat)
  • two little kids (2 Little Hats)
  • kids like mine (1 Little Hat and 1 Big Hat)
  • two big kids (2 Big Hats)

Your pledge as a Backer is very very very much appreciated. It is with a hopeful heart that I ask you for yet another way to support this project getting off the ground.